The Abundant Circle

Come into the Circle of Abundance! Come into the Circle of Empowerment, Encouragement, Support and Accountability.

The Abundant Circle is a Powerful 90 Day Women’s Group Coaching Program created just for YOU! This group will guide you on the path to Live a more Intentional and Abundant Life.

Why Now? Tis The Season!

  • Do you feel Reactionary, Angry, Tired, Under Appreciated?
  • Needing to control Situations yet feeling resentful that you have to do everything?
  • Are you Spinning and getting caught up in everyone else’s Drama?
  • Feeling Visionless? Unworthy? Lost?
  • Does it all get more intense during the Holidays?

Yup. I totally get it!

Throughout our Life we have all had experiences that caused us to question our own self-worth. The Truth is that no matter what has happened in the past, you are still deserving of all the good you could possibly imagine!

We can all find reasons to say no… I’m too busy, not enough time… that is exactly why now is the perfect time to say YES.

Friends, let’s be honest! It’s Freakin’ 2020!!! If not NOW, When?

Say YES to yourself, yes to this amazing opportunity, yes to a wonderful ‘team’ of supporters, cheerleaders, partners in believing and accountability partners!

Women who are Ready to Embrace a new way. Women, just like you, who are Ready to Step into their personal Greatness.


When you sign up by 11/11/19 and you will received One FREE Month and a FREE Writing Journal!

The Abundant Circle is for YOU!

(Seriously, I created it just for you!)

Make This Your Season Of Growth

Program Dates December 10th – March 10th

Come into the Circle and Create more JOY, Gratitude and ABUNDANCE in your Life!

Join us and you will learn how to:

  • Identify personal triggers and be given tangible tools to navigate the Holidays.
  • Gain Clarity and focus on what it is that stands in the way of your Dreams.
  • Connect more deeply with your Passions and True Purpose.
  • Overcome mental road blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Create a new, more powerful story for your Life.
  • Let go of old ideas that no longer serve you.
  • Feel Happier and Less Stressed during the Holiday/Winter months!!!

You will Receive:

  • Two 1:1 60 minute calls with Cathy Tallone
  • Two Live Interactive Zoom Calls each month
  • Private FB Group to connect with other Abundant Circle Members
  • Facebook Live Empowerment Coaching Check Ins
  • VIP Pricing to all of Cathy Tallone’s Coaching Programs
  • Access to Cathy’s years of resources and connections
  • Unlimited support from Cathy throughout the Program

Early Bird. Sign up by 11/11 and receive one FREE Bonus Month along with a FREE writing Journal as my Gift to YOU!

Sounds Great! Sign me up!


What I know to be true:

We spend our life making decisions based on our current conditions and situations but your circumstances do not define you. You are unique and your story matters.

Are you ready to give up the old stories that are holding you back?

My Coach and personal Mentor says: “If the Dream is in You, It’s For You!” -Amber Lilyestrom

Amen Sister!

What are you wanting more of in your Life?

What does your Best Day Ever look like?

What Dreams have you completely given up on because you think it’s too late?

What are your secret desires that you have given up on?

Let’s find that little girl inside you. She’s still there and waiting to be seen, and heard.

Sounds Great! Sign me up!


My Beautiful Friends -

You are a Sister, Friend, Daughter, Mother, Caregiver, Wife, Employee. You are a Gift and that’s why this group has been created for you. You are a Gift and that’s why  this group has been created for you.  The Abundant Circle of Positivity, Growth, Mentorship, Love and Community!

So Many women I speak with have been looking for a community of Like-Minded friends who are ready to receive Support, Encouragement and Empowerment along with Accountability and Tangible Tools to (finally) Step (fully) into your Personal Power!  Let’s do this together.

What if you shifted your thinking, connected with your dreams, and began to accept your thoughts and ideas as viable possibilities for your life?

Consider how different your life would be if you believed in yourself more and created a Vision that supported your Dream!


Who is this for?

YOU! My Beautiful Soul Sisters.

You will Receive THREE months of connectiveness, growth & community when you Join our incredible Mastermind Group for Only $397!


Cathy Tallone


Phone: 603-502-0278

Stratham, NH 03885

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