The Accelerated DreamBuilder® 12 Week Coaching Program

Our time together will be structured and absolutely life-changing! I am excited to be on this Journey together.

Each week we build on the previous weeks call, gaining Clarity and Focus around what no longer serves you. We will unlock old mindsets and paradigms that continue to hold you back and allow the space to imagine the possibilities of what you would love for every area of your life!

In this 12 Week Coaching Program you will learn how to get in alignment with your Dream and how to become a Vibrational Match for your Future.

I will give you all the Support and Tangible Tools you need to:

  • Create your Vision
  • Befriend Fear today
  • Finally, Forgive (and how it will truly set you free!)
  • Understand why Partners in Believing are invaluable to your Success
  • Overcome the Stories that have been holding you back
  • Develop a Stronger Intuition

The 12 Week DreamBuilder® program includes:

  • Charting Your Course Foundational study
  • Weekly workbook homework + study
  • Weekly audios
  • 1:1 60 minute weekly coaching call
  • VIP resources
  • Unlimited access throughout the prograM
  • Discounts on upcoming events + workshops

*Bonus* Newly added (2) FREE Coaching Calls to this Program! (1) Introductory call and (1) Clarity call, whenever needed.

Apply today for the DreamBuilder® 12 week Accelerator Program and take your Longing and Discontent to Happiness and Joy! Your Time is NOW!

Program price ~ $2097.

5 Week Intensive
June 3, 2019
Not sure You’re Ready?
June 3, 2019
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The Accelerated DreamBuilder® 12 Week Program



The DreamBuilder® Underlying Principle

What is within you is greater than anything in your surroundings. Your circumstances do not define you.

In the DreamBuilder® program that I offer to my clients, there are 10 principles that will skyrocket your success when you apply them to your life. These principles are broken down into 4 phases –





Throughout our lives we have all had some experiences that caused us to question our own self-worth. The truth is that no matter what has happened in the past, you are still deserving of all the good you could possibly imagine.

Paradigm – a pattern of thought accepted by an individual or group.

These mental patterns and behaviors are tricky and can have an emotional grip on our thinking. You might not even be aware of a certain paradigm holding you back. I will work closely with you, helping you become Aware of the Paradigms that no longer serve you. I will provide you with all the tools to release these old ways of thinking. Once these obstacles are no longer blocking your path, you will harness the Power to Create a Life you Truly Love Living!

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” ~Wayne Dyer

Work with Me

You Choose Packages.

90 minute coaching sessions aimed at creating focus and clarity.


5 Week Intensive. Let’s Create Your Personal Vision.

This 5 week course is THE Foundational building block to the Freedom you Desire!


The Accelerated 12 week DreamBuilder® Program

What is within you is greater than anything outside of you.


Not sure You’re Ready?

This Breakthrough Strategy Call is the perfect place to start!



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