What I say about my clients

  • ~ I know and believe, that the dream in my client’s heart really can become the life they absolutely LOVE living!

  • ~ I know and believe, that every client is here to fulfill their heart’s desire and live a life they “absolutely LOVE living!”

  • ~ I know and believe, that there is a dream in every client’s heart seeking to be expressed and realized in the world.

  • ~ I know and believe, that my client’s past does not determine their future.  Their ‘story’ does not define my client or their Infinite potential.

  • ~ I know and believe, the Power within my Client is far more powerful than any circumstance or condition they are facing.

Cathy Tallone

Certified Life Coach, DreamBuilder® Consultant & Public Speaker

As a Certified Transformational Life Coach & DreamBuilder® Consultant through the Life Mastery Institute, Cathy Tallone can help you create a Life you Love Living. Cathy specializes in helping women and men build their dreams, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

For over 15 years Cathy has studied and implemented transformational success principles tapping into the Mind, the Body, and the Universe.

Now, as a successful Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Cathy will teach YOU how to bridge the gap from longing & discontent to happiness and joy.

Work with Me

You Choose Packages.

90 minute coaching sessions aimed at creating focus and clarity.


5 Week Intensive. Let’s Create Your Personal Vision.

This 5 week course is THE Foundational building block to the Freedom you Desire!


The Accelerated 12 week DreamBuilder® Program

What is within you is greater than anything outside of you.


Not sure You’re Ready?

This Breakthrough Strategy Call is the perfect place to start!


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Average people compare themselves with other people. That is why they are average. I compare myself to my potential. I am not Average.
– Andy Andrews, The Traveler’s Gift

I work with a lot of people just like you, helping them increase their results.

  • What is your BIG dream, or goal, for the year?
  • Do you feel aligned with your true purpose and core values?
  • What would your Best Day Ever look like?
  • What would you love to finally accomplish?
  • What kind of Legacy would you love to leave with your family, your community, the planet?
  • What do you believe is holding you back?

The choices and actions you take today are ultimately who you become tomorrow.

List 5 things, RIGHT NOW, that you would love to do, be, have, give, or create if age, gender, time, money, education and experience were not restrictions?

Befriending Your Fear

...is an Important principle you will learn while reaching for your Goals and moving into your Dream.

When we plant the seeds of our Dream in soil that has been choked out by weeds, then the dream can’t possibly grow. Those weeds are fear. Fear can choke out every good seed, every great idea, and every perfect opportunity if you let it. It’s impossible not to have fear – but we’ve got to learn to befriend it so we honor its presence but kick it out of the driver’s seat.

Befriending Your Fear

...is doing the thing you really want to do even when fear rises up and tries to stop you. Be afraid and do it anyway.

Have you ever told yourself, “You don’t have what it takes, you’ve never done that before, you’re too… stupid, old, fat, under-educated, lazy…..” This is the voice of FEAR. Everyone who experiences greatness experiences and manages fear. You will learn strategies and skills for deepening and developing your mental and spiritual muscles for overcoming fear.

Fear and failure are prerequisites for achieving great dreams. We need to give ourselves the permission to fail enough to actually succeed!

“Fears are nothing more than a state of Mind” ~ Napoleon Hill

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Cathy Tallone

email: cathytallone@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +1-603-502-0278

Playa Hermosa, Jaco, Costa Rica

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